Scott's family has been raising pigs since the 1950’s.  Scott, the current owner and rancher, inherited the operation from his father who in turn inherited it from his father.  Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Scott's ranch isn't just a ranch.  They built an on-farm slaughterhouse in the 1980’s and more recently an on-farm store where they sell a wide variety of pork products.

The pigs are raised in hoop houses with misters for hot days and wheat straw bedding. The pigs are fed a diet of corn, soy, vitamins & minerals from the local feed store.

As you can see from this photograph, the pigs use a lot of straw bedding and they are moved regularly leaving a significant amount of litter behind.  Once the pigs have vacated a hoop house, the littler is wind rowed and moved to the on-farm composting site where it's wetted down and then left alone for a week to being the composting process. The litter and straw heat up to about 160 degrees and then it's turned regularly to promote decomposition.  The compost is sold to local farmers who use it to fertilize their fields.