Will this facility only be used for Marin Sun Farms product?
No. We look forward to working with all ranchers who want to bring their own brand and label to market.

Will I be able to audit the handling of my livestock at the facility?
Yes, we want all ranchers to be able to understand and feel confident in our processes.

What services will be available through Marin Sun Farms?
For those who want it, we can offer the following services – a la carte or as a package:

  • Livestock hauling
  • Custom harvesting
  • Breaking to primal cuts
  • Custom fabrication of retail cuts
  • Ground and patties
  • Packing and labeling
  • Distribution to customer
  • Sales

How much will all that cost?
We don’t know yet. We plan to announce our price schedule later this month.

If I slaughter my livestock at your facility in Petaluma, will I be required to use Marin Sun Farms for all services (listed above)?
No, all of our services are available a la carte. Animals harvested at MSF’s Petaluma facility can be delivered to any location for further processing, just as animals slaughtered at other USDA establishments can be custom cut by Marin Sun Farms.

When will you begin your slaughter operations?
Our application is in process with USDA and we are cautiously optimistic we can harvest our first animal by March 31st, 2014.

What species will be processed at your facility in Petaluma?
We will be processing beef and pork to start. We hope to add lamb and goat in the near future.

Will you be able to handle certified Organic animals?
We plan to complete the Organic certification process by the end of the year.

Sounds great, I want to learn more!
Thanks, we’re also pretty excited. Please complete the form here for more information or to share your thoughts with us.